Good bad ugly - chance of a lifetime

Most modern Extensible Firmware Interfaces (EFIs) and Unified EFIs (UEFIs) include a feature called the Compatibility Support Module (CSM). This feature enables an EFI-based computer to use BIOS-mode boot loaders, much like WINE enables Linux to run Windows binaries. CSM is often activated in the firmware setup utility by enabling a feature called "legacy mode." Thus, three names (BIOS, CSM, and legacy) may refer to the same thing.

I have a set I ordered online and they were thinner than I expected -- any thinner and they's be gauzey. I was disappointed and thought they'd be very short lived. DH wanted to try them, so we did. They are really nice to sleep on. They are light enough in the summer to be cool and do breathe or wick well, yet they aren't slick and don't have a chill to them which makes them a favorite in the cooler months with a blanket or comforter.

The good this week could be Matt Kenseth breaking his streak of bad luck and getting the win at Dover. On a normal week that is an easy call. Kyle Larson running up front with Chase Elliot and Ryan Blaney all in the top ten showing the strength of NASCAR’s next generation is also a good choice for this week. Related Story: Five Things we Learned from Dover

Good Bad Ugly - Chance Of A LifetimeGood Bad Ugly - Chance Of A LifetimeGood Bad Ugly - Chance Of A LifetimeGood Bad Ugly - Chance Of A Lifetime